Returning in 2016
Fairy Illustrator 
Frances Tyrell

Past Guest Authors

2016 Guest Authors

D.L. Narrol and Rebecca Diem

Please check out these Authors who have supported our Festival!

Past Authors who have attended or supported the Festival

Julie E. Czernada

Canadian Science Fiction Author

Ferelith Hoffmann-Taylor, children's author and illustrator.

Children's Author from Tobermory, Canada.

Frances Tyrell ~ 

Canadian Illustrator of fairy and children's books and The Fairy Gazette.

Richard Van Camp, writer of children's books, adult fiction and Graphica. 

Member of the Dog Rib Nation in NWT, living in Edmonton, Alberta.

Einer Mercer 

American Wild West Steampunk Themed Author.

Karin Lowachee 

Canadian Science Fiction Author of Steampunk Novel The Gaslight Dogs

Lisa Falkenstern

Children's Book Illustrator USA

Professor Whiskerton Presents Steampunk ABC 

Lyn Anne Cooper

Local Author of Children's book, Henry the prickly porcupine