Steampunk Costume Contest

On the stage at 1pm.

Prizes !!!!

Sponsored by Miss Kinky Lingerie

Eileen Mattice and Jessica Pelletier


  • Best Circus Sideshow Theme
  • Best handmade costume 
  • Best Girl under 12
  • Best Boy under 12
  • Best Group
  • Best Headwear
  • Best Steampunk overall

Window Display Contest - Sponsored by Home & Cottage Interiors by Severn TimBerMart.
Winner 2014 - The Clothes Closet
Winner 2015 - Sweets Salon

Photography Contest - 2016 Winners:
1st place:  Stefan Boiangiu
2nd place: Jennifer Hottinger-Sloan
3rd place: Don Leigh
Honorable Mentions: Stefan Boiangiu, got to Coldwater Steampunk Festival Facebook Page to see images! Thank you to all participants, please try again next year and send any suggestions or feedback to help us expand and grow this contest!

Arts & Crafts Area - Sponsored by Station 3 Volunteer Fire Rescue

Steampunk Art Competition - Betsy Waterson & Team  (Judges)
Cash Prizes !!!! Sponsored by SCACA, Morton Metals, Little Rock Images


1. Visual Arts

2. Textile/Fibre Arts

3. Jewelry

4. Costume and Accessory Design

5. Sculpture

6. Recycled/Upcycled.

$4.00 admin fee per person, multiple category submissions are allowed

Bring submissions to Mill staff the morning of the event and pick up by 4:00 pm.

Scavenger Hunt - For Kids and Teens - Free - Sponsored by Eastlink