Meet Award-Winning Artist
"Galiah Gears" and let her unleash the inner artist in you. Read her profile in Coldwater's "Talk of The Town" and sign up for her Friday night owl painting workshop!

2018 Featured Workshops,
 Demonstrations & Exhibits

THURSDAY, August 9th

Vintage Automobiles & Costumed Steampunk Models: 6pm - 8 pm, Main Street  

FRIDAY, August 10th
...Featured Specialty Workshops
... from 10am - 4pm @ 20 Coldwater Road

... Featured Specialty Workshops

... from 10 am - 4 pm @ 20 Coldwater Road

... Spaces Limited. 

.... Email [email protected] to reserve your space OR... Take your chances and pay on the day,

because walk-ins are welcome, too!

Owl Painting Workshop 

with Award-Winning Artist, Liz Barbaza-Cousineau

Create a fabulous acrylic painting on canvas. Be amazed by what you create and take home after just 60 minutes.

All materials included $15 

"Ocean Days" Bead Workshop

with Betsy Waterson  

Enjoy making a woven bead necklace with a Swarovski pendant! 

All materials included $20

Dream Catcher Workshop by Krystal (Aaron-Rose) Brooks

Rama Mnjijaning First Nations Eagle Clan

Biiwaabik Niibi Kwe 

All materials included $10

Wire Sculpting Workshops with Debbie Benniger

Make a ring OR pendant

All materials included $30

Plus kits available all weekend!

Steampunk Fascinator Workshop 

with Hedi Siegel

All materials included $10

Encaustic Painting Workshop

with L.A. Siegel

All materials included

Charm Earring Workshop 

with Suzy Burtenshaw

All materials included $5

Lampwork Bead Glass Blowing Demonstrations

with Mary Ann Helmond

FREE Colour Theory Insights

with Deb Tice

FREE Admission!

PLUS FREE Activities,

Photo Ops with

 Character Tributes

Artisans, Magical Treats, & Wizardry Supplies.

All Potterheads 

and Muggles


Step into a story loved by millions all over the world. See his room under the stairs, stop by platform 9 3/4, try on the sorting hat, make time for friends and hang out in Gryffindor's Common Room, take some photos with your favourite characters, enjoy some chocolate frogs or Butterbeer and then check out our exhibit of treasures including: The Tri Wizard Cup, Golden Snitch, an extensive Wand Collection and more.

SATURDAY, August 11th ... Free All-Day Demonstrations

  • Interactive Oceanic Community Mosaic with Elena Martoglio
  • Coral Reef Fibre Art Installation donated by Espanola Fibre Arts Festival!
  • Mother Fudrucker’s 1905 James Cunningham Horse-Drawn Hearse 
  • Live Steam Engine & Heritage Gasoline Engines with Colin Rae
  • Model Trains with Sirius Small
  • Spinning Demos by Lisa Brunetta

  • Tea Dueling & Teapot Races 
  • Heritage Costume Showcase 
  • Canadian War Heritage 
  • Flags of Canada

  • 2017 Photography Contest Winners 

Ray-Gun Making Workshop with Dr. Zoltar's Mulvrais. 

Materials Included for just $10!!!

  • Birds of Prey 
  • Medieval Swordplay Canada 
  • Iron Forge & Chain Maille 
  • Leather Works
  • Fine Art & Encaustic Painting
  • Lampwork
  • Wire Sculpting 
  • Seed Beading, Jewelry Design
  • Colour Theory, Photography
  • Dream Catchers and more
  • Stamp Art and Embossing
  • Inter-Active Music & Storytelling
  • Play Along music and Inter-active Storytelling
  • Vintage pen and Ink
  • Pen and Ink demo
  • Art Dueling - All ages

PLUS "Live Steam" Exhibit & MORE!

Missed us last year? 

Check out our Last Year's Program 

and join us this year!

Costumes Encouraged, But Not Required.

See You There and don't forget the goggles!