Our 2021 Program is coming soon. 

Until then, enjoy our videos from last year.

2020 Program 

Due to COVID-19…

The Coldwater Steampunk Festival is ONLY ONLINE 

this year.

We are sorry to announce the festival is not happening as we know it. We will greatly miss our talented vendors, buskers and entertainers. Their industry has been hit hard by this pandemic, but hopefully we will see them again soon. In the meantime, the health & safety of all is a top priority. This pause has forced us to bring your local arts & culture online and on display in town.

Please Join us ONLINE for our
10th Annual Coldwater Steampunk Adventure
August 6 through Sept. 2, 2020! 

AND Take Part in one of our
 NEW contests and competitions!

Tune in to “Coldwater Steampunk Festival TV” on Youtube!

Thurs, Aug 6

7 pm Dylan Lock Live Stream Concert

Sponsored by the co-operators

Watch it NOW!

Mon - Fri

10:00 am Historical Architectural "Walk About" with Suzy  ... Watch Now:    DAY 1    3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22  23  24

11:45 am Printable Puzzles for Curious Minds by Heather (Click Here for Answers!)

7:00 pm Mental Floss Side Show - Aug 10

WINNER: Art Competition - Best in Show: 

                Piper Wilson Interview Part 1 & Part 2

PLUS: Pop-Up Appearances by The Pick-Pocket Magician , a Time Machine Pilot, Queen Victoria, Cosplay Royalty, Musical Duo "Scotia", Cosplay Enthusiast Melissa Small & More! 


11:00 am DIY - Kids Crafts: Polymer Clay Fairy Mushrooms with Cecelia Fitzgerald, Remember-All Ball with Suzy, Pompom Magical Beasts, Fabulous Fairies, & More!

2:00 pm Memory Lane Photos

7:00 pm New Episodes of the Sawbones Society.

              Check out their bios https://cutt.ly/jakWjbO

              Watch:  Official Trailer, Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3,   

                                                     Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6


2:00 pm Coldwater Main Street Memories with Phyllis Smith - Aug 12

11:00 am Music by Lois Rooney- Giurin for Elementary School Students: Drums & the Deep Blue SeaFlutes & Flying Things, Pitched Percussion and Playful Songs

Furry Things & Singing Strings

7:00 pm Ghost Stories of Simcoe County with Paul Rollinson


9:00 am Steampunk Story Time and Songs by Steam Lizzy 10 Years of Steampunk, The Night Before Steampunk

2:00 pm Local Artist Technique Talk/ Demos:

~  Celtic Laces Bracelet by Nuala Beatty,

~  Fairy Flowerpot Condos by Liz Barbaza-Cousineau,   

~  Paper Mache Sculptures by Karen Taul,

~  Celtic Fairy Garden in a Teacup by Catie Raymond,

~  Polymer Clay Fantasy Fairy Gardens in a Teacup by Liz Barbaza-Cousineau,

Cabochon Beadwork by Betsy Waterson, 

~  Mini-Me Dolls by Mackenzie Hillard & More!

7:00 pm New Episodes of the Sawbones Society. See bios https://cutt.ly/jakWjbO


2:00 pm Transfigured Friday Video Tour 12

8:00 pm Musicians


12 noon Music by Nick Howell& John Adams: Stairway to Heaven

12 noon Music by Gary Chaput (Aug 15 & 29)

7:00 pm Youth Pianist Ner Shee  Watch Performance: 1   2   3


12 noon Steampunk Retrospective Video Clips  Watch Now: Clip 1 , 2011  2012   2013   2014    2019

1:30 pm The Yukele Guy, Steampunk Axe Throwing with Dr. Morphine & Mr. Ether,  the Time Machine Pilot,  and More!

Tues, Sept 1

4:00 pm Renee Ottershagen’s Documentary on 

               Waste’s Impact on the Human Psyche & Mother Earth!

Wed, Sept 2

7 pm Dylan Lock Live Stream Concert Sponsored by the co-operators

Remember Speakers Corner?  

(If you don't, your Mom and Dad will!) 

Coming This Summer: "Artists' Corner" at 18 Coldwater Road! 

We are transforming the old Barber Shop into a video recording studio, and inviting talented local artists to upload and livestreams their demonstrations and talks ONLINE. 

We are so lucky to have so many gifted people in North Simcoe, 

willing to share their passion for the arts with you.  

Be inspired by this year’s talented makers and demonstrators:  

Anna Giurin, Betsy Waterson,  Deb Tice, Karen Taul,  Lois Rooney- Giurin, Liz Barbaza-Cousineau, Phill Holder, and more!

* Times and locations subject to change without notice

Notice of Photography & Video

Please be aware that the Coldwater Steampunk Festival is capturing photos/video during today's event.

By entering these premises, you consent to such recording of media and its releases, publications, exhibition, or reproduction to be used for news, web, and promotional purposes. Photos and videos will only be used for promotion of the event by the event itself and through Tourism Partners: The Township of Severn, Simcoe County and Lake Country.