The 2020 Sawbones Society

for Malpracticing Medics

No Questions, No Qualifications, No Refunds

The official representatives of the Coldwater Steampunk Festival

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Doctor Morphine 

Sarah Pickard is a writer, costume designer, and professional fake doctor from Moonstone, Ontario. She has an honour’s bachelor degree in Creative Writing from the University of Windsor. While in school, she worked summers at the Coldwater Canadiana Heritage Museum, where she conducted research on 19th century medical and funeral practices. This research led her to the development of her steampunk persona: Miss Morphine, a charlatan nurse who dispenses historical medical advice to unsuspecting festival attendees. Recently she’s promoted herself to Dr. Morphine, a fraudulent physician, and gathered several like-minded cohorts. She has been attending the Coldwater Steampunk Festival with her younger sister and fellow Sawbone, Emily, since it first began in 2010. In 2015 she started managing the festival’s Facebook page. Since then she has been strong-arming her friends and family into participating in the festival with her, and they’ve come to dread when the phone begins to ring in May. Currently she works as the festival’s head of marketing, and has developed the Sawbones Society for Malpracticing Medics: the festival’s official representatives. 

Keep an eye out!

Instagram: @MorphineMistress, @ColdwaterSteam

Nurse Clara Form


Emily Pickard is an illustrator and animator from Moonstone, Ontario. She has a degree in animation from Loyalist College in Belleville, and her portfolio can be found on her website, Her artistic style is whimsical, Tim Burton-esque, and characterized by long, flowing locks and tiny, spindly hands. In 2010 she began attending the Coldwater Steampunk Festival with her older sister, Sarah, and has recently begun illustrating Steampunk-inspired art for the festival. She has also worked at the Coldwater Canadiana Heritage Museum, where she was the resident expert in 19th century funeral practices, and gave tours as the fraudulent widow, Mrs. Anya Macabre. Recently recruited to the Sawbones Society, she performs as the murderous Nurse Clara Form: graduate of the Florence Nightingale school of nursing, and world expert in ‘exploding face disease’.

Instagram: @emi.inks

Mr. Edward Ether, Surgeon

Dan Ford is an artist and award-winning cosplayer hailing from Barrie, Ontario. He recently graduated from Lakehead University in Orillia with an Honours Bachelor of Arts and Sciences Certificate, specializing in Media Studies and Political Science. With the oversight of Dr. Douglas West, he wrote about cosplay for his Honours Thesis. His cosplay journey began in 2017 with the creation of his Orbital Drop Shock Trooper costume from the video game Halo 3: ODST. Since then he has created a full suit of Game of Thrones Kingsguard armour, and a Skyrim: Whiterun Guard. He is a member of the Halo costuming community: the 405th Infantry Division, where his fellow cosplayers represent the Halo community. At the Coldwater Steampunk Festival he is known as Edward Ether, a victorian surgeon with a dicey track record and an ether addiction that has dulled his skills but not his confidence. Often he is found alongside Dr. Morphine and the rest of the Sawbones Society, reassuring all that in medicine: “mortal failures are just stepping stones towards--unlikely--successes.”

Instagram: @foam_smith, @artbydanf

Miss Abby Sinthe, Apothecary

Melissa Tralla is a recent history graduate from Trent University.  They are currently completing a post-graduate in museum studies and has returned to Coldwater to share strange and unusual historical tidbits with festival attendees. Melissa has been involved with the Steampunk Festival since its inception and can most often be found providing tours on Victorian quack medicine and costermongers at the Coldwater Canadiana Heritage Museum.

Dr. Alexandra Heroin, Psychiatrist

Shayleigh Plant is a 3rd year history and education major at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, though originally from Coldwater, Ontario. She was introduced to the Coldwater Steampunk Festival in 2017 by fellow Sawbones and friends, Sarah and Emily Pickard. While working at the Coldwater Canadiana Heritage Museum for the summer, she was wrestled into playing her first steampunk role--Madame Backstitch, a French seamstress giving a tour in 19th century fashion. Currently she plays Dr. Heroin, the Sawbones Society's alienist. Since she aspires to become a history teacher, participating in the Sawbones and steampunk has been a great opportunity to learn more and teach others about Victorian era psychology.

Mr. Sy A. Nide, Resurrectionist 

  Marshall Hamilton also resides in Moonstone, Ontario, and has been a lifelong friend and associate of Sarah's. The twenty-five year old is a graduate of Georgian College, and has participated in the Steampunk festival for six years as part of various costumed crews. He currently takes up the role of the Sawbones Society's (unofficial) gravedigger and pragmatist, Mr. Sy A. Nide, who has stuck around in spite of their nebulous practices because of the good pay. The fancy new title of 'Resurrection man' is also a factor in his compliance.