Join Inspiring Artists & Artisans

Friday, August 9th from 10 am – 4 pm

at the Creative Arts Plaza,

20 Coldwater Road, Coldwater, Ontario.

Reserve your spot at or call 705-715-6950 

(Drop in's welcome if there is space.)

  1. Watchwork Ear Cuffs with Betsy Waterson $5-10 @ 11 am 

  1. Wire Wrapping with Debbie Benninger $30 @ 11 am

  1. Zebra Painting with Liz Barbaza-Cousineau $25 @ 12 noon

  2. Encaustic Painting with "GR8T Joy" $20 @ 12 noon

  3. Recycled Art Journals with Karen Taul $20 @ 1 pm


  1. Steampunk Fascinators with "GR8T Joy" $20 @ 1:30 pm 

  1. Celtics Lace Bracelet with Nuala Beatty $40.00 @ 2:00 pm

  1. Steampunk Top Hats with "GR8T Joy" $30 @ 2:30 pm (sold out)

  1. Dragon Egg Decorating $2 @ 9 am – 9 pm

  1. Pom-Pom Fun, Fantastic Creatures & Magical Beasts with Liz Barbaza-Cousineau $8 @ 4 pm-8pm

Dreamy Vintage Die Cut Collage

(sample by Karen Taul)

Top Hat sample with GR8T Joy 

Celtic Lace by Nuala Beatty

Fascinator Hat by GR8T Joy 

Encaustic by GR8T Joy  

Delve in to the depths of Encaustic Painting and learn traditional techniques!

Platty Ghost 

(Art Journal sample) by Karen Taul

All-Day Maker & Artist Demonstrations
Aug. 9 & 10

We are lucky to have so many gifted artisans sharing their passion at the Festival.  Enjoy a stroll through downtown Coldwater, and at the Canadiana Heritage Museum Grounds, and be inspired by this year’s talented demonstrators: Clive Kay, Russell Zeid, Liz Barbaza-Cousineau, Ryan Leis LVL, Doug Fulford, Chris Edwards, Pat Orton, Betsy Waterson, Lisa Brunetta, Jodi Pilon, Colin Rae, Adam Webb, Live Steam and so many more throughout the village all day long! Meet Heritage Author Peter Davis at the Canadiana Museum and see Re-Enactor's too.

See our Entertainment Page to catch timed live performances!

Check out the l00 + Artisans in our three market areas! 

WOW FIND OUT MORE about the Dynamic, Interactive FREE FUN that we have in store for you to enjoy!
Meet Award-Winning Artist
"Steam Lizzy" A.K.A. Galiah Gears and let her unleash the inner artist in you. Read her profile in Coldwater's "Talk of The Town" and sign up for her Rainbown Zebra Painting workshop!  Pick a copy of the 2019 Steampunk Zine hot off the press!

Join us for our



August 10, 2019

Visit our 2019 Program Page

for Details 

Costumes Encouraged, But Not Required.

See You Here and Don't Forget the Goggles!